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Purchasing Fee
When we source hardware and software on behalf of our clients we show the client the true cost price of the goods.  We add a 10% purchasing fee to the actual cost to cover our administrative and technical resource costs in procuring these items on your behalf.  Our clients then enjoy the benefit of the trade prices that we are able to gain on their behalf as well as the reassurance that we have ensured the technical compatibility and suitability of the products for their individual needs.

Estimated Costs
All proposal costs are valid for 7 days, after which the hardware and software prices may vary from those shown. 

Any installation costs are basedon our estimate of the time that a job will take to complete. It is not always possible to anticipate all circumstances and whilst every effort is made to keep to the schedule these are estimated costs. In the event of a likely overrun we would notify you immediately with full details of the situation and agree any adjustment to the charges.

Payment Terms
Hardware and Software - Invoicedwhen order received.  Payment terms on receipt.  

Installation - Invoiced oncompletion and sign off of the installation.  Payment terms on receipt.

We charge VAT at 20% on goods and services.

Whilst all reasonable efforts have been made that the information within our quotations and proposals is accurate and up-to-date, we will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the information nor any consequences of any errors or omissions.