Booker/Budgens/Londis Ltd

  • One of the largest food distribution companies in Europe
  • 20 years relationship
  • Solved many complex challenges
  • Innovative thinking
  • Mission critical systems providing 24 * 365 support

Booker is one of the largest food distribution companies in Europe.  They have many thousands of customers with different types of EPOS (Electronic Point of Sales) systems, many of us are familiar with their different fascia’s – Premier, Happy Shopper, Londis and Budgens – to name but a few.

J C Designs have worked with Booker for over 20 years, developing and maintaining the infrastructure that collects orders and sales data from shops and other customers, whilst delivering to them price lists, promotions and electronic delivery notes.

There are many, many different types of systems out there in the real world as customers have bought from different EPOS suppliers, our job is to ensure a 100% reliable link between these customers and the central Booker systems.  We have innovative software running both on the Booker Gateway server and within the EPOS systems.

We have solved many complex challenges, for instance moving estates of thousands of machines from one central server to another with totally different technology without needing to make a single visit to a retailer.

Apart from testimony to our innovation we have developed huge expertise in mission critical systems and providing 24 * 365 support.

We are extremely proud of our long-term involvement and commitment to this project, it reflects our innovative thinking and our pragmatism about the real world – we cannot just ask that a thousand shops upgrade their systems – we have to make magic happen with what they already have.

J C Designs and my team have worked together for over 20 years now, co-habiting to provide a key service to a large wholesale company.  Jonathan and the rest of his team are always friendly, professional, and certainly know their ‘stuff’!  It is always a pleasure to work with them, even at 3am!!

Support Team Leader – Booker