We are excited to announce Magic Entry Forms or as we like to say MeForms!


This all started with us thinking just how much time is wasted filling in forms and trying to then get the data back accuratly into in house systems, as well as we really need systems that minimise abandonment (By prefilling what we can for the client) and optimizing bio security.

In COVID times anything that helps to reduce the workload in ensuring a clean and safe environment (Clean pens, limited handling) has to be a step forward. This enables confidence for the clerks and staff members.


MeForms are designed to be quickly and simply integrated with existing systems. You can use them standalone and manually file the results. (As you perhaps do – but without having to scan the completed forms) or with a very small amount of work automatically integrate them to an existing system. MeForm integration is designed from the ground up to be safe – No connections from the internet to internal databases are needed.

Links to MeForms can be emailed, sent by text or simply placed on a website. Where MeForms astound is when they are linked to a MeForm Terminal and MeLink Tags using dynamic QRCode these allow clients to complete forms on their own phones or tablets- simply, easily & securely


Please reach out to us if you are interested in signing up to this system. All our details are in the Contact Us tab of the website.

Or by clicking “Lets get Talking” below