Not long until Jonathan hits the seas for his big adventure! 

For those of you that aren’t aware, Jonathan (our Director) is set to sail across the Atlantic with four of his pals, they leave from Gran Canaria and sail to St Lucia as part of the Arc Rallies. Every November since 1986 the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has set sail from Las Palmas, bound westward across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. Bringing together yachts from all over the world, the fleet gathers in Las Palmas Marina in the heart of the city ready for the big launch.

It has been an intense buildup with courses on advanced first aid, survival at sea including getting into a real-life raft and lots of hours of practice on the sea to put all this learnt knowledge into practice. Last month Jonathan and the team moved their boat from Gibraltar to Gran Canaria, ready for the big sail on the 21st of this month. The boat move was a gentle 5 days and nights at sea and a hello to the Atlantic Ocean which is very different from the Mediterranean! 

We are excited that Jonathan will be taking with him some technology so he will be able to live up-date us with his progress and the whole journey will be tracked in real-time so we will be posting regular updates of where they are and what they are doing!

Leaving Gibraltar to sail to Gran Canaria


Joined by a pod of dolphins.

dolphines off the bow

Dolphins off the bow

Arriving in gibraltar

Arriving in Cran Canaria


The crew – ready for action