Running a small business means you are faced with many tasks and organisation is key, as your business grows as does your need to simplify how things are run. This is where bespoke software for small businesses can be a huge benefit, buying a software solution for your business can be extremely confusing and complicated and off-the-shelf solutions can often fall short of meeting your specific needs and a one-size-fits-all solution often means you will be paying for many features that you just dont need!

A bespoke software system for small businesses will fit your exact business requirements meaning there is no need for compromising as you might with an off-the-shelf solution. When considering bespoke software solutions, you can also ensure the system is based on your current working methods – reducing training times for staff and ensuring ease of adaptability across the board. With a bespoke software system, it can be designed to evolve alongside your business meaning there are no wasted costs as you can simply build on your initial investment.

If your small business has experienced recent growth or you are currently experiencing any of the following issues then a bespoke software solution is the answer.

Existing software not being used: This is often a sign that the software you have elected to use is not user-friendly or fit for purpose, if your staff are avoiding current systems a more simplified solution will make a huge difference.

Sticky notes everywhere? Sometimes a post-it note here and there can be a convenient way to remember a task but it can often lead to a breakdown in communication between the team and lead to inconsistencies across your business or lead to missed sales. A bespoke software system will allow you to log notes and assign tasks to specific team members.

Fast-growing business: If this is the case, then sometimes an off the shelf solution may lack scalability or flexibility which a custom-buil solution can manage effectively and grow with you at the pace you need.

You have an unsupported sales process: Off-the-shelf CRM systems can, on occasions, not fully integrate with your sales process – meaning you wont be able to satisfy clients with more specific demands.

Multiple software for the same job: This is very common in small businesses, a lack of customisation with off-the shelf-solutions means you are using several different pieces of tech for the same job – which can create numerous inconsistencies and lead to sales or important communications being overlooked.

Expensive licensing fees: Weve all felt the pinch with overpriced licensing fees and often when there is more than one user there are additional fees – meaning costs can add up exponentially. A bespoke system negates the need for licensing fees and is built into the upfront costs – although it may seem expensive, over time, you will see a return on your initial costs and wont be laying out for expensive licences on a monthly or yearly subscription.

Struggling to add your branding to your current system: Your branding is your business and a bespoke software system can be designed with your branding on all your communications and company dashboard – your USPs, logo and overall branding can be custom-built into your design.

Some examples of bespoke software that are sure to benefit a small but growing business:

Bespoke CRM (customer relationship management) system.

The name says it all! Your customers are your lifeline, whether they are existing, new or prospective, it is vitally important that you keep your customers happy and coming back time after time. A CRM system will monitor your marketing activity, handle customer service, manage your contacts and clients as well as identify patterns and trends that are invaluable to your business.

A CRM dashboard allows you to keep track of exactly what is happening in your business by displaying analytics and the use of reporting tools – you can read more about this in our previous blog, Dashboards for Business.

E-commerce software.

This is an absolute no brainer if your business sells products and services online, e-commerce software helps start-ups integrate an online store into their website. There are plenty of off the shelf e-commerce systems available on the market but if your business requires a more unique and specific set of functions then a bespoke system can be designed specifically to meet these needs.

Bespoke automated invoicing software.

Keep onto of your business finances with a bespoke automated invoicing system, send and process invoices automatically and set reminders for unpaid invoices – this frees up essential time for you to run your business.

Bespoke CMS (Bespoke content management system) 

This is your gateway to managing all your digital content, it is the system you use to manage all the content on your website, there are many features in a CMS but ultimately the core features are search engine indexing, search and retrieval, format management, revision control, and publishing.

Off-the-shelf examples of CMS systems include WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace and more.

Bespoke software for small businesses, get in touch to discuss your software requirements and how we can work with you to build you the perfect software solution.