The business world today means technology; software, hardware, remote access, infrastructure, hosting, servers, the list goes on and on, but because you are in business doesn’t necessarily mean you know about all the technical aspects of your business – ultimately, lets face it, unless your business is technology it’s probably very likely that you only have a limited knowledge of exactly what is what and sometimes ‘turning everything off and then on again simply doesn’t cut it’!

We have spent many a year (too many to actually want to admit these days, as it means we are ageing, but MANY years!!) looking after clients who need business IT systems support, these include a wide range of industries and just recently the veterinary industry, which is what we will be concentrating on in this blog.

In today’s world there is a piece of software that can do ‘everything’ for you (to a degree) which is great, but it’s understanding how this software works correctly to make sure it can do ‘everything’ for you. Giving you the business benefits they promise. They are often complex systems that need significant amounts of training and daily use to completely understand the processes and functionality and when you run a busy veterinary practice it’s not always feasible to invest the required time to get all you can from the system and get all your staff on-board with the updated technology. Whilst this technology is required to improve your business it’s not always easy to choose the right platform, install it and maintain it.

First of all, let’s start with the reasons why you have chosen a Practice Management System, or if you haven’t yet, these points should encourage you to do so:

Increase the quality of patient care

As a vet, it is down to you to make some seriously important decisions that are best for your patient’s health.

Previously (and you could still be working this way) ICU sheets were used to monitor a patients history, ensuring all medical records and information are updated. Making the switch to digital software means accessing patient information is much easier. Meaning staff and vets have more time to care for their patients and focus on their progress and needs.

A strong and healthy relationship with patients is a crucial element in making a successful practice.

Increasing practice efficiency

Vets spend many hours writing patients medical information, tracking misplaced medical sheets and trying to read illegible patient notes and forms – reducing the overall efficiency of the practice.

A patient management system will eliminate most of the above as a cloud-based solution will keep everything organised and in one, easily accessible place and are accessible virtually anywhere as long as the device you are using has an internet connection – this means patient information can be made available outside of the office and consistently tracks everything that is adjusted, purchased or given to the patient to prevent any mismanagement.


Ensuring accurate control and tracking of your inventory is imperative to the success of your practice. Medication and supplies mismanagement can happen, not only having a negative impact on your practice but possibly the life of the animals in your care.

Patient Management Systems are complaint with inventory management systems, giving you a tight control system to maintain inventory logs and enhance inventory workflow processes.

Implementing inventory management cloud-based technology in your veterinary practice will eliminate future risk for overprescribing patients. It will also record whether or not the correct prescriptions are being provided to each patient.

So, all this said, to ensure your business is compliant, increasing your efficiency and improving the quality of care you provide to your patients a practice management system will help you achieve these goals. we have recently worked with a number of practices who have had their systems installed and are struggling to use the software to its full capacity – in fact so much so, that the system was having a negative impact on the business.

We have devised a bespoke solution for each and every practice that works with us – from initial help with choosing the right system to implementation and on-going management, as well as working alongside your practice management system provider.

We understand that one size does not fit all.

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