Charlie does it again!

It was very tense in the office the other morning as after a year of hard work Charlie was set to take his MCSA exam. Consuming several cups of confidence building coffee, he waited patiently cramming in a bit of last minute preparation. Deep in thought and feeling the pressure he kept his cool and like a man on a mission he left for the exam centre in Braxted mid-morning.

We waited anxiously for Charlie to walk back in, would it be a smile or a frown on his face?  It was a BIG smile – Charlie has passed his Microsoft MCSA Windows 10 exam, not that there was ever any doubt he would do it, everyone was delighted for him.

Charlie has been coming into work an hour early the past year to study for this exam, his dedication has been incredible so this achievement is very well deserved.

We offered him a cake, chocolate, beers to celebrate his success but Charlie being the dedicated fitness fanatic that he is refused the offer and said he’d prefer to leave a bit early and spend some more time in the gym… What a guy! An example to us all.