Data, back it up!

How often do you back up your company data? Are you one of the nearly one million businesses that don’t?

Data loss can happen to any size or type of business and can cause major problems and have serious consequences including extended and significant downtime and potential financial loss. It most commonly occurs for one of two reasons: human error or hardware failure. The Cloud is one of the most effective ways to manage your records and protect your IT network in the event of a catastrophe.

One of the most effective forms of improving the security of your data is to move it to The Cloud and have a cloud disaster recovery backup solution. The Cloud Disaster Recovery is a reliable data storage and infrastructure system to protect your IT from shutting down should there be a hard drive failure or natural disaster. This system is key to restoring your lost data quickly and protect your business from productivity inconveniences and costs.

How can your business benefit from the cloud disaster recovery:

Keeping your business data secure
With the right disasters recovery plan in place, you will be able to restore your electronic data and minimise disruption to your business, as mentioned above. A disaster recovery strategy can make all the difference to your business – ensuring that you can keep your business up and running at all times.

Cloud disaster recovery is fast, more cost-effective and offers increased scalability. Cloud computing will also take regular back-ups of data and programs so if a disaster does occur it literally just takes a few seconds to access your backed-up files and resume to business as usal.

You can easily increase access to the number of resources that you backup in The Cloud. As your IT system grows so does your disaster recovery solution – saving the need to up-scale an in-house server.

Simple set up
The Cloud set up is fairly easy, especially compared to setting up your own in-house infrastructure system.

Location..? Not a problem.
With cloud disaster recover you can recover data where ever you are in the world – traditional backup solutions don’t always run a physical infrastructure in multiple countries. So, no matter where you are – your applications are always on hand!

Overall cloud disaster recovery will save your business time, money and effort from fixing a system. You only pay for what you use so no hefty monthly retainer fees on fixed-site servers.

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