J C Designs has been providing IT support and custom software for over 40 years from dial-up internet days and before but we have never seen anything like this, however we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on, of course the immediate effect has been increase in calls from clients to set them up for remote working – in the past two weeks we must have enabled somewhere in the region of 100 clients to work remotely including picking up new clients where their current IT supplier was stumped by some of the subtleties and complexities.

Many of us, of course, still do not have good broadband, but if you do have good broadband it really is possible to work from home. Products like Microsoft Teams allow you work both with colleagues and clients in a totally connected manner, voice, video, whiteboarding and screen sharing. There are some great tools available and out of this a great deal on innovation should flow, we have for instance created for one client (A vet) a web diary that allows clients to book online video consultations saving face to face time between everyone and keeping all parties safe.

We are all in this for the long haul, we intend to ‘Open Source’ a great deal of what we learn so that others can benefit.

Please get in touch if there is anything you need as an existing or new client.

Stay safe.