I am sure that you as I are rather fed up by being bombarded by the number of GDPR emails you have received in the past months.

I can assure you that J C Designs if we have your contact information and indeed further information have never or will never share this information with anyone.

We maintain and always have done the highest of confidential policies.

We employed a GDPR specialist company ( to advise and review all our procedures and policies and made some minor adjustments as per their advice to ensure we were fully compliant with the new law.

We have been approached by clients and suppliers with a vast array of documentation that we are happy to look and reply to, we have done this in a timely manner.

The whole point of GDPR is to protect us all from improper / illegal use of our personal information – we would never do this.

Any person that is unhappy with our use of their data can contact us and we will promptly and with the highest priority address this concern and ensure that all of our legal obligations have been met.

On a personal note – NOT as my position as an owner of J C Designs – if you research GDPR it is a reasonable policy and having a best policy approach for your clients and suppliers is sensible and safe.