Not only are we at the forefront of IT Support and Development; but are also one step ahead in the fight against the spread of Coronavirus.

JC Designs value all our employees above anything else and ensuring they all feel safe and well looked after whilst at work is our #1 priority in all operational decisions we make.

We have slowly begun to bring people back into the office who were previously working from home and we are now implementing our Post Pandemic Return to Work Policy.

Not only is there a sanitisation Station as you enter the building (naturally the table is in JC Designs shades of purple!), a Welcome Back PPE pack for all employees on their first day back (this includes a visor, masks, gloves and protective glasses), but we now have our office disinfected by the lovely Kelly who is the owner of Squeeky Clean Home & Office Cleaning Service.

Not only has Kelly been keeping our offices spotless with bi-weekly cleans and deep cleans for the past few years, but she now also offers a new amphoteric disinfectant treatment that we have done every 30 days. This fast kill rate disinfection contains a specialised primary biocide that works quickly against enveloped viruses. It is tested to EN14476, EN1276 & EN13697. This food-safe, free rinsing, high concentrate low odour formula is highly effective against enveloped viruses such as HBV/HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes simplex, Rota Virus, Bovine, Corona Virus/SARS-CoV and H1N1 Avian influenza

Kelly did our first treatment last Friday and we will continue with the treatment to ensure that everyone at JC Designs is confident in our approach to their safety.

Please contact Kelly to discuss this treatment in more detail.

moving business forward after COVID19