Bespoke software is designed and developed exclusively for your business requirements making it entirely scalable, so it can grow and shrink with your company’s evolution. 

Why is bespoke software the only business software that is scalable?

The main answer to this is that the software is designed specifically for your business and owned by your business, making it unique to you, and because of this it is possible to request new features or modifications during the design process or after release.

Having control over all areas of your business is essential, software often gets overlooked and we settle for ready-made software solutions that we ‘think’ will fulfil our needs – when in actual fact, having a bespoke software system that you can adapt to your business is crucial for your success. With a bespoke software system, the commissioning company is in control, not the original developers, meaning you will not be affected if the developers choose to stop developing the product or cease trading – which can so often happen with ready-made software solutions.

Ready-made software solutions are generic and try to appeal to a wide range of different types of businesses and industries. Because many companies are using the same software, new features are often not possible when a licensee needs them, if at all. This could be because these needs conflict with established elements or they might be judged too niche and not worth the investment by the developers. These licensed customers then find themselves searching for alternate software products when the business expands and additional features are required.

What is the difference between bespoke business software and ready-made off-the-shelf software?

Bespoke software solutions

  • Is unique and will have specific elements that are only relevant to the clients business.
  • The software production process only commences after a client approaches a software development company with their idea. The project will only commence when the client has signed off on the project proposal.
  • Bespoke software is developed by a software development company that specialises in developing tailored software. 
  • The IP (Intellectual Property Rights) are owned by the client (the company that commissioned the software). This happens once the project is completed and delivered and all payment has been made to the development company. Once the software is released the client will be able to distribute the software as desired.
  • Updates and additions are totally in the control of the client as they are the owner of the software.

Ready-made business software

  • Is developed for a general market, the software is therefore generic but it can sometimes be built around a given industry sector.
  • The IP is owned but the company that develops the software. The software is sold on a licensed basis, either as a one-off payment or as a subscription. Licensees will not be able to distribute the software without permission, as they do not own it. 
  • Many businesses that purchase the software, often have multiple users – this means additional annual or monthly subscription license fees.
  • The developers of the software decide upon new features or modifications. This could potentially mean license holders, have long waits for new features and updates and sometimes new features never come.

Does custom software tailor to an industry sector?

Of course! When developing custom software it is necessary to take into account the particulars of the industry sector, as part of your software consultation our team aim to get to know you, your business and your team, we will also explore with you your companys industry domain. 

Some of our clients struggle to understand how software can scale with their business. Many of these clients have spent years wrestling with the constraints imposed by ready-made business software – when a bespoke solution can work with the business and change as the business changes.

If you are in need of a scalable business software solution, please get in touch.