J C Designs are taking part in the Big Battle challenge to raise money for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

With little less than a month to go J C Designs Charlie and Janet are in training for the Big Battle challenge, as you can see from the picture above they already look the part and are really psyched up for what lies ahead, Charlie has been lifting weights, Janet has been lifting cake!.

The Big Battle is a 5Km course designed to put participants endurance levels to the test, its going to be muddy and wet but this doesn’t bother Charlie and Janet, they are both looking forward to getting involved, and will go round the course supporting each other.  Bring it on and stay tuned to hear all about how they get on.

The more serious bit ….

There are few people today who have not been touched by cancer, either as a supportive friend or family member or someone who is living with cancer.  J C Designs staff are no exception and so we are on a mission to raise some money for Helen Rollason Cancer Charity to show our support of the wonderful work they do in our local area.

Check out more details of our JustGiving page here:


and information about Helen Rollason Cancer Charity here: