After successfully completing the accreditation JCD’s David is now MailStore Certified Archiving Specialist MCAS

What is Mailstore?

Mailstore is a bolt on for your mail system and used for archiving email that meets certain predefined criteria’s, for example anything over 6 months. It has an add-in for outlook allowing access to the archived email.

The advantages of using an email archive solution is that it keeps your live mailbox small making it run more efficiently and keeping outlook profiles sizes down. It also means your archived mail is stored centrally on a server which can be easily backed up and restored should the need arise, this is far safer than having email stored PST files which can very easily become corrupt.

We have many customers who use Mailstore for managing the archiving of email and as a reseller we are able to offer significant trade discounts.

If you think it is something that would be useful for your business we would be more than happy to run through it with you and tell you more about the Mailstore benefits and what it can offer you.

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