How much of your day is spent using a computer or tech? Probably a significant percentage; home, work, engaging on social media, self-scanning your shopping at the supermarket and more.

Software development is an integral part of any business, it helps you, as a business to distinguish yourself from your competitors and to become more competitive in your industry. By implementing software development into your business strategy you can improve your client’s experiences, create and bring more feature-rich and innovative products to the market as well as make setups more productive, efficient and safe. It is also essential for data analysis – data collected on a daily basis, when integrated with the right software is like gold dust! Analysing this data can be utilised by businesses to record trends and statistics that will help a business to develop and grow. 

But, software development isn’t just about data and gaining a competitive edge – the services of software developers include:

  • CRM solutions
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Financial applications
  • Healthcare apps
  • Media apps
  • Website development, design and maintenance
  • Internet marketing

Why integrate software development in business.

It’s not hard to understand why integrating software development into your business is so important – can you think of a successful business that doesn’t have an online presence or undertake any online marketing? Having an online presence will help you to better understand the growth and success of your business. Online platforms and mobile apps are what your customer base has become accustomed to and moreover, are the preferred way for them to engage with you and to buy your products.

Creating a platform that works effectively and efficiently and meets the expectations of your customers can guarantee an uplift in revenue. Creating bespoke software systems can also better enhance your business success over your competitors. 

Simplify life for employees. 

Keeping staff happy is essential for the success of your business, having out of date or hard to use, complicated systems can lead to increased stress on employees, that coupled with general work stresses, could mean you lose important staff. Developing a more streamlined software system that is lightning quick and easy to navigate is better for all staff and your business. Using a single system for marketing, sales, project management and more – means you will simplify tasks making day-to-day lists of to-dos much shorter. This allows them to free up time that can be spent nurturing other parts of their roles.

Time sensitivity can also play a big part for many businesses so integrating time tracking software into your system allows each member of staff to log and be accountable for their time – essential for developers who are working on bespoke software projects for their clients.

Consider using a single system for marketing, sales, project management and more – you’ll simplify tasks making the day-to-day list of to-dos much shorter. Take the time you save and use it to nurture other parts of your business.

Follow up on sales leads.

Your leads are everything and if you aren’t capturing the information you need to follow up, then it is very likely that you are setting yourself up to fail. Having a software solution to capture your leads will ensure you never miss out on potential business – lead software will allow you to capture new leads, store existing ones and track future sales prospects. With the help of lead software management, your sales team can easily contact customers and pick up right where they left off.

Manage customer relationships.

What makes great customer relationships? Great communication! CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) makes managing your customers much more effective. A CRM solution allows you to update databases in real-time making it easier to collect, organise and manage customer information – by doing this you can better understand and identify your customers, boost customer satisfaction, loyalty and bring in repeat business. 

We work with and have worked with many different businesses throughout the years,  what we have come to realise is that many business owners are still very unfamiliar with software and how the right system can make a huge impact on business productivity both short and long term. Creating the right software solutions for your business will help you achieve your goals. Get in touch for more advice