• Popups appear randomly
  • Windows open up and quickly close
  • Computer goes very slow.
  • File start becoming encrypted, you will see a strange extension on the files like Zepto, Locky, or something like that. – Crypto virus’s will encrypt everything you have access to, even all server files so break the network connection immediately.
  • Extra files appear randomly
  • Unable to access your drives.

What to do if you think you have clicked on a link of opened an attachment that is suspicious…..
Either pull the network cable out of turn off the computer immediately. Don’t wait for it to shutdown, just hold in the power button until it goes off or pull the power lead out.

Good practice to avoid viruses and cyber attack

  • Don’t use the same password for your work email account as your personal one.
  • Don’t accept calendar invites from senders you don’t know.
  • Avoid posting your work email address in public forums, blogs and websites unless it is absolutely necessary. You will be making it too easy for hackers to get your address and use them for various spamming attacks
  • If you have your work email on your phone, make sure you have a strong unlock passcode on the phone.
  • If you lose your phone, report it to us immediately so we can remotely wipe it.
  • Also it’s not just emails that these viruses get in on, other common routes in include USB keys and web browsing.