Millennium Vets

Millennium Vets are a leading independent small animal vet practice in Braintree and Coggeshall providing high quality care for pets.

Millennium first contacted us in the summer of 2018, they had a Practice Management System but were interested in getting more from their IT, often Practice management Systems come with a support package however they tend to be very specific to the software and are not geared towards keeping a healthy network. A network is a bit like building a house, it is important to get the foundations in place first, with good foundations you can keep building.

We conducted a survey of Millennium Vets sites and identified areas that we could significantly improve.

Conscious of budgets we recommended a staggered approach to the different areas for change – keeping any disruption to the absolute minimum as well as keeping expenditure in line with budgets.

We prioritised the following tasks with security at the top of our list

  • Protected their computers with a fully manged antivirus solution.
    • This is a cloud-based system which can be manged by an online portal, the system we use is very granular and will allow Millennium Vets to add many features if they choose to in the future.
  • Protected their computers with a website filter.
    • With cyber attacks on the increase we like to implement as many systems as we can to protect end users, we know how easy it is to accidently click on a link that can cause damage to data so by trying to prevent threats even being presented to end users, we aim to keep the network safe.
  • Installed a new managed wireless system through the building.
    • Wireless networks that are not protected properly are like leaving a door to your network unlocked, by installing a high quality secure wireless network we have been able to lock that door and keep Millennium Vets as safe as possible.
  • Simplified the network integration.
    • Millennium Vets had resources on different networks that didn’t really need to be separate, to help simplify things we merged the two networks helping everything to run that bit smoother.
  • Setup a site to site VPN connection over fibre broadband.
    • Millennium Vets needed to access resources both of their branches so we implemented a permanent connection between to the two sites making access to the other network seamless.
  • Provided assistance and training to help the users better use the network and share resources.
    • With our vast knowledge of computers, we are often asked questions by customers on how to better utilise their computer systems, we are always happy to help and pass on knowledge to end users.

One thing always at the forefront of our minds is security so as you will see very early on, we suggested implementing antivirus and website filtering, this is crucial in todays IT world. By also implementing a new wireless network and connections to the other branch we have designed a system that uses high-security protocols to add a layer of protection invisible to end users.

We have a very happy working relationship with the team at Millennium Vets, they are a very professional company to work with and its always a pleasure to be onsite helping them with their IT issues. As well as helping them plan their IT structure for business benefits in the future.

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