System Building & Support

  • We are experts at purchasing, configuring, installing and supporting all IT infrastructures, whether it be PCs, Servers, networks, printers, remote communications or anything else.
  • We have been doing this for over 35 years, we have encountered most challenges
  • Unlike most companies, we have a unique open book purchasing policy and our aim is to make your budget go as far as is possible
  • We build relationships that last decades our aim is to help you grow
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IT Networking Internal & External

• We have real expertise in managing networks, local and external.
• Vets often have multiple locations to network together or interesting on-site problems (Such as kennels)
• We can help join these all together in the best possible ay and of course enabling secure and safe remote access from offsite locations, home offices
• Many costs can now be moved from onsite to cheaper ‘In the cloud’ services

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We have found J C Designs to be particularly adept at applying their expertise in software development to the precise needs of our business. They deliver results that bring real value to our business. We consider J C Designs to be a highly skilled team of professionals who are trustworthy, innovative, friendly and helpful.

Head of Operations – Goddard Veterinary Group

Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • We know how the requirements, but just being sure your data is safe for business reasons but also for GDRP and RVCS compliance reasons
  • Let us help you to ensure all your data is backed up, recoverable and part of a continuity plan covering not just the obvious computing systems, but telephones and other infrastructure
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Digital Image System

  • We understand the problems and requirements of storing XRays, CT Scan, Ultrasound and MRI data and the nightmare of DICOMS and PACS systems
  • We have even developed our own open source PACS storage system with cloud backup that costs a fraction of many proprietary systems, it is in use at over 50 locations
  • We were, as far as we know, the first people to ever integrate Veterinary Practice Management Software systems to imaging equipment such that the list of patients to be imaged appears on the imaging equipment worklist
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Cloud Hosted Email Solutions

  • Office 365 Hosted exchange – this is perfect for customers wanting all the benefits of an in-house exchange server without the associated running costs.
  • Under the Office 365 umbrella, we are also able to offer many other services such as cloud storage and email archiving.
  • Google Apps webmail.
  • Full smartphone integration with your cloud and in-house services on all available smartphones including Apple, Android, Microsoft, BlackBerry etc.
  • On-site smartphone setup and training.
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