Goddard Vet Group – Zeus

  • 60 years of healthcare for animals from over 50 surgeries, 3 hospitals, hydrotherapy unit and boarding kennel across Greater London
  • Inventive state of the art practice management system
  • One system for appointment booking, all case information, X-rays, diagnostic results, pricing and on-screen KPI’s
  • Innovative crosslinking of X-ray and CT scanners
  • Written with scale of operation in mind

The Goddard Veterinary Group(GVG) is dedicated to providing a high quality service and compassionate healthcare for owners and their pets. For 60 years they have been providing healthcare for animals from their practices across Greater London, which include over 50 surgeries, 3 hospitals, a hydrotherapy unit and boarding kennels.

We have developed an innovative state of the art practice management system (PMS) – Zeus – that covers all aspects of running a group business, everything is handled in one system, appointment booking, all case information, X-rays, diagnostic results, pricing and on-screen key performance indicators allow each branch to perform to their very best whilst consolidating information and control for head office and supporting ‘what if’ scenarios.

There are many innovations, the PMS is for instance fully linked to many external and internal systems, microchipping, insurance and dietary advice, recalls via state of the art emailing and even postal systems.

One of the innovations concerns the crosslinking of X-ray and CT scanners with our management system.  Studies may be requested and reviewed all from within the PMS system with full details appearing on the X-ray Machine operators console, we believe this may be the first linking of systems at this level outside of human medicine.  Whilst we were about it we developed and installed an open source imagining solution that reduced the cost of a digital archive storage of X-ray and CT scans by several orders of magnitude.

What happens when your veterinary practice isn’t just a man and a dog?

Some veterinary practices are very small, a single or couple of locations. Others are large perhaps 50 locations with multiple hospitals and specialist referral centres within a group, yet many of the individual branches are still relatively small like Goddard Vet Group. The problem is very little PMS software is written with this scale of operation in mind as an environment of this size needs not just innovative software but a network and hardware architecture capable of supporting so many locations,

A common solution is just to deploy multiple copies of the standard software with perhaps some networking, requiring management to log into each location individually.  The J C Designs solution is the Zeus software system designed for groups from the ground up, centralised price lists with individual location variations, group wide data replication (but only to where it is needed) transparent transferal of data between home branch and referral centre, links to systems such as Microsoft Power BI for analysis and much more.

This software project truly represents what can be achieved by having skilled programmers and talented network designers working together.

J C Designs support our business through the provision of a comprehensive infrastructure and support service covering all areas of network and general IT systems. In addition, they have developed from the ground up a bespoke practice management system.

We have found J C Designs to be particularly adept at applying their expertise in software development to the precise needs of our business. They deliver results that bring real value to our business. We consider J C Designs to be a highly skilled team of professionals who are trustworthy, innovative, friendly and helpful.

Head of Operations – Goddard Veterinary Group