Sometimes remote assistance support can be challenging without seeing what the customer is seeing and leave the customer feeling frustrated as they do not know or understand the technical jargon. At J C Designs we are always looking for innovative ways to assist our clients, with the latest technology, to ease the support process. That’s why we are so excited to hear TeamViewer and GoToAssist have launched new mobile phone and augmented reality support features. We have reviewed the two and will be putting into practice our choice with GoToAssist SeeIt.

Remote assistance

TeamViewer Pilot recently launched in November 2019 and is an added augmented reality feature to the current remote assistance support client TeamViewer 14. This enables customers to share their camera on mobile devices in augmented reality to give the support analyst a real-world aspect of what they are seeing. This helps to resolve the issues enabling the support analyst to be a virtual guide with use of annotations and microphone access.

GoToAssist SeeIt has been around for a while longer, which shows, as it is a well-rounded tool, allowing minimal steps to be taken from service analyst initiating a support session to customer sharing their screen. It makes use of a mobile devices functions for the analyst to be able to not only view the screen and communicate with the customer, but to pause recordings and take snapshots, as well as annotate to provide feedback to the customer. Great for documenting and sharing knowledge and referring to in the future, so was the best choice for our analysts and customers.