During lockdown we decided it would be nice to commission a painting to reflect the JC Designs logo, we absolutely love our branding and the colours work so well within our office space  – and we just so happened to have a spare wall! So, on 10th July we spoke with our close friend Daisy to commission the piece of artwork.

Reflection of JC Designs logo - commissioned artwork

Daisy’s usual day-to-day job is as a Freelance TV Producer, specialising in Casting but with the Television industry hit very hard by the pandemic, Daisy decided to put her creativity elsewhere. She began painting and drawing when she was very young having come from a very creative family –
her mum is an Artist and Dad was an Architect.

Like many others, Daisy suffers from terrible anxiety which has been particularly heightened during this very turbulent time especially with a considerable lack of freelance work available. As the days became quite long, she knew she would inevitably need to put her creativity somewhere, so she began painting! (and we are extremely happy she did!) To Daisy’s delight (and surprise) she received a lot of positive feedback from her art on social media and decided to pursue it, resulting in a decent online presence including an Etsy shop and a Facebook page.

Daisy’s dream is to continue painting for as long as possible – it has allowed her to continue to be creative and help with her anxiety for which she is exceptionally
thankful for.

View Daisy’s Etsy shop