Welcome Simon!

With our IT Systems Support Technician position filled, by Simon, we are heading to the end of 2019 with a strong team to help with our new and on-going Clients. The last few months feel like a bit of a whirlwind but we are extemely happy to have such an experienced and wonderful team to help us tackle whatever 2020 brings us.

Simon joined the team in October and has a keen passion for technology and computing, especially gaming. Growing up he was always breaking and having to fix his PC and found it interesting what you could do with technology. He started his IT career as a call logger with an MSP and then moved to 1st line support and a technical lead for inhouse IT. He really enjoys problem solving and technology is the future and wants to be apart of it (he definitely joined the right team!)

 In his spare time he goes to the gym and is an avid gamer with  a collection of retro gaming consoles and enjoys massively the nostalgia he gets playing them. He is also a fan of wrestling and attends shows regularly as well as going to gigs.