So, what have we learnt from the past couple of years in software development?  If anything, post-Covid 19, one rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected!

In today’s world, customer expectation is ever-evolving.  Previously tailored digital solutions have won over client expectations, but now digital customers are demanding even more from their software.  Today is more about aligning the digital goals and market needs of the customer.

It has therefore never been more important to be up-to-date about emerging software trends for 2023.  If you are reviewing your budget for the next year, see below for some inspiration.

What will Custom trends look like?

Software Development’s top trends in 2023 will mean technology will become increasingly ingrained in our lives.  Tomorrow’s end users are a generation of Ingenious and leading-edge thinkers.  Businesses will need to be versatile and must budget for and embrace emerging and new technology advances.

As a business owner, your will need to be up to date about where software is going and strategize accordingly.  By preparing now you can, hopefully, stay ahead of your company’s competition.

So what is our rundown of what we believe will be the stand-out trends in software?

  1. Progressive Web Apps – They offer the absolute best of both worlds, the convenience of mobile apps with the security of a website.  How does PWA help business growth?
  • Fast and Responsive – load quickly
  • Feature-rich – include all the usual features of a mobile app
  • Easy install – takes just a few clicks to install
  • Secure -more secure than websites
  • Cost Effective – cheaper to develop than most mobile apps.
  1. Web 3.0 – Web 3.0 is the future of the internet.  It will change how businesses operate in the future.
  • Increased Security and Privacy – Encryption and verification features will make your site more secure.  Hackers will find it extremely difficult to infiltrate your business.   Also, companies will find it much harder to track and collect end-user data.
  • Decentralized Systems – What does this mean?  Ownership of the data will be with the end user, instead of tied to a platform.
  • Increased Efficiency – it is much more efficient and scalable than all preceding versions of the internet.  It can handle larger amounts of traffic with a faster loading time.  Business transactions will be faster than ever.
  1. IOB – The Internet of Behaviour – Expected to dominate within the software industry in coming years.  What is it?  It is the trend of being able to connect objects to our internet.  Possibly the most revolutionary in the way we interact with everything around us.  The Key driver of this is the exponential rise of AI or artificial intelligence.  AI technologies enable devices to interact with us also, they gather info about how we behave.  This data enables better interactions with our devices and creates new products
  1. Microservices Architecture – This detail allows developers to break down applications into smaller services that can be easily managed and sent out.  Thus, helping your business become much more efficient.

The architecture of microservices allows the use of containers to isolate and run each process separately.  This enables the speed of deployment and makes them easier to manage and monitor.  Businesses can adapt their applications up or down as they need.

As you can see from the above, it is so important to consider software development trends.  Software development trends are a fast-paced world.   What is the ‘must have’ of today that can be replaced tomorrow?  It is so important to stay ahead of the competition in the Software world to give your business the edge against your competitors.

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