Raising Money For The Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

By |August 31st, 2018|

J C Designs are taking part in the Big Battle challenge to raise money for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity With little less than a month to go J C Designs Charlie and Janet are in training for the Big Battle challenge, as you can see from the picture above they already look the part and are really psyched [...]


By |May 24th, 2018|

GDPR I am sure that you as I are rather fed up by being bombarded by the number of GDPR emails you have received in the past months. I can assure you that J C Designs if we have your contact information and indeed further information have never or will never share this information with anyone. We maintain and [...]

Keeping Your Devices Safe With BitLocker

By |April 26th, 2018|

Keeping your devices safe with BitLocker Have you thought about what would happen if ever your laptop was lost or stolen? Obviously, you have the problem of replacing it, dealing with insurance etc… But have you considered the risk if any data on it fell into the wrong hands? Someone could potentially get hold of your emails, pictures, documents, [...]

Charlie Does It Again!

By |April 24th, 2018|

Charlie does it again! It was very tense in the office the other morning as after a year of hard work Charlie was set to take his MCSA exam. Consuming several cups of confidence building coffee, he waited patiently cramming in a bit of last minute preparation. Deep in thought and feeling the pressure he kept his cool and [...]

Are Your Passwords Leaving You Vulnerable?

By |March 21st, 2018|

Are your passwords leaving you vulnerable? A study of passwords used in 2017 has revealed that some people are putting their IT systems at risk of attack by leaving the key in the door!   Many people questioned revealed that they had used passwords as weak as: 123456 Password Qwerty Letmein Football And the list goes on. Unfortunately, we [...]

JC Designs Pancake Flipping Competition 2018

By |February 14th, 2018|

JC Designs Pancake Flipping Competition 2018 At JC Designs we like to have a bit of fun now and again and thought it was only right to put everyone's pancake flipping skills to the test, the results were measured on how many flips each person could do in a minute. Noel took the winning spot but did later reveal he [...]

J C Designs Cookie Exchange

By |December 21st, 2017|

Brace yourselves, we’ve taken a break from fixing computers and started baking! To add to this years Christmas festivities, we decided to host a cookie exchange. This involved all JCD staff providing a recipe and making a batch of cookies. Everyone took part giving us a selection of cookies from savoury to sweet. There were twelve different cookies on [...]

JCD Holiday Party 2017

By |December 18th, 2017|

JCD Holiday Party 2017 So, its that time of year again, the trees are up, decorations hung all over the office and all your favourite Christmas songs blaring out everywhere you go. Yes, Christmas is finally here and at J C Designs thoughts have turned to the Holiday party. This year we went to Las Iguanas for an evening [...]

Building Incident – Work Now Completed

By |November 14th, 2017|

It’s been a funny old year! Just before the start of the year staff arrived at work to find a car wedged into the wall of the offices. Even though a car crashing through the front doors of your building is not something you would expect to happen, of course we were prepared and had a plan of action [...]

Cyber Crime Is On The Rise

By |November 7th, 2017|

Cyber Crime is on the rise Now more than ever, it’s vital that companies educate staff on how to protect themselves from cyber-crime. We have put together some general advice for users to help them avoid becoming victims of malicious attacks. If you receive an email with an attachment (usually a zip attachment) even if it is from someone [...]